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The artist presents: biography, works, critical anthology.


 Biography and poetics - Review Vittorio Sgarbi  -  Review Daniele Radini Tedeschi  -  Catalogs  -  Exhibitions   


Member of the International Network for Cultural Diversity


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Mirella Barberio at the center of the photo taken inside the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament


Video - Career recognition - Italian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies, Montecitorio, Rome, 2018

International events


2018 Career recognition - Italian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies, Montecitorio, Rome, Roma


2018 Exhibition - Europa Pavilion, Palazzo Albrizzi Capello. Cannaregio, Venice


2017 57th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale 


2017 Triennial of visual arts Aeterna, Rome   


Abstract works and themes treated between 1998 and 2018


 2018 Suggestions from the Middle East -  2017 On the road to transcendence -2016 Reading French Poets 


 2015 Travels in the suburbs: around being - 2015 Let's remember all Alan Kurdi  


2014 The creator of myths has not extinct  

    2012-2013 The microcosm in perpetual motion - 2010 Enchanting by the microcosm  

     2009 Visual suggestions from the Digital Planetarium of Turin  - 2008 Movements of lights   

   2006 IIntertwining between color and sound material2003 Biennale Firenze  

1998-2002 From nature multisensory stresses

Towards abstraction - Topics treated between 1993 and 1998

  1996-1998 Morphé: Lines of force inherent in matter

1993-199 Symbolic 'atmospheres'

Beyond the mimèsi - Topics treated between 1988 and 1992

The long journey of woman

   Various works and themes  


Academic studies between 1976 and 1987

Landscapes   -  Portraits   -   Stillslife   -  Various

Watercolors - between 1984 and 1992

Cultural paths

"My poets"

Photographic and radiographic snapshots   -   The aesthetics of contemporary architecture

Colors, movements, emotions 


 Italian Home    

Guatemala Pavillion - Exhibition 'La Marge' - Biennale Arte Venezia 2017




“Over the edge”, 2017 - Oil on canvas and various materials, cm 69 x 86,5 x 4,5  

Opera esposta nel Padiglione Guatemala  -  Work displayed in the Guatemala Pavilion - Biennial Art 2017

Esposizione Padiglione Guatemala, Biennale Arte Venezia - Exhibition Pavilion Guatemala, Biennale Arte Venezia 2017

Present in    THE SAATCHI GALLERY  -  London

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530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York - 415 West Broadway, SoHo, New York.

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