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The artist presents works, biography, critical anthology.


 Biography and poetics - Review Vittorio Sgarbi  -  Reviews  -  Exhibitions  -  International Network for Cultural Diversity



International events


2018 Europa Pavillon Venice end Italian Parliament


2018 Lifetime Achievement Award - Italian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies


2017 57th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale  -  2017 Triennial of visual arts Aeterna, Rome   


Abstract works and topics covered


 2016 Reading French Poets  -  2017 On the road to transcendence  -  2018 Suggestions from the Middle East


 2015 Travels in the suburbs: around being  - 2015 Let's remember all Alan Kurdi  


2014 The creator of myths has not extinct  

   2010 Enchanting by the microcosm  2012-2013 The microcosm in perpetual motion   

   2008 Movements of lights  -  2009 Visual suggestions from the Digital Planetarium of Turin     

 2003  Biennale Firenze   2003-2006 IIntertwining between color and sound material     

1998-2002 From nature multisensory stresses

1993 - 1998 Towards abstraction:

1993-199 Symbolic 'atmospheres'  -  1996-1998 Morphé: Lines of force inherent in matter


1988-1992  Beyond mimesis


1976-1987 Academic studies:   Landscapes   -  Portraits   -   Stillslife   -  Various

1984-1992 Watercolors

Photographic and radiographic snapshots   -   The aesthetics of contemporary architecture

Strokes and colors synthesizers of Kinema-movement induced by emotions 


 Italian Home    

Guatemala Pavillion - Exhibition 'La Marge' - Biennale Arte Venezia 2017




“Over the edge”, 2017 - Oil on canvas and various materials, cm 69 x 86,5 x 4,5  

Opera esposta nel Padiglione Guatemala  -  Work displayed in the Guatemala Pavilion - Biennial Art 2017

Esposizione Padiglione Guatemala, Biennale Arte Venezia - Exhibition Pavilion Guatemala, Biennale Arte Venezia 2017

Present in    THE SAATCHI GALLERY  -  London

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530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York - 415 West Broadway, SoHo, New York.

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